• Địa chỉ: Lầu 10, Cao ốc VP Central Park, 208 Nguyễn Trãi, Phường Phạm Ngũ Lão, Quận 1
  • Website: www.tvlgroups.com
  • Quy mô: 150 - 300 người

He affiliated companies of T.V.L.BUSINESS GROUP currently include T.V.L.INTERNATIONAL (HOLDING) CO., LTD. , TRANS VAN LINKS EXPRESS CORP. , T.V.L.GLOBAL LOGISTICS CO., LTD. , T.V.L.UNITED AIR EXPRESS CO., LTD. , TRANS VANTAGE SHIPPING AGENCY LTD. , TRANS VANWARD SHIPPING AGENCY CO.,LTD. , SINOTAC SHIPPING AGENCY CORP. , TRANS POWER INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CORP. Furthermore, in order to provide the service of「Total Logistics Solution」 T.V.L. BUSINESS GROUP has aggressively integrated sea-freight, air-freight and inland transportation business and thus trying to be the excellent in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain Management 。

No doubt the global network is an indispensible requisite for the transportation industry, therefore T.V.L. BUSINESS GROUP has set up branch offices in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, USA, and also in partnership with the reliable freight forwarders in more than 100 countries. Such a service network all over the world makes it possible for T.V.L. BUSINESS GROUP to offer the most efficient, comprehensive and satisfactory service to the customers wherever they are.

The Chairman of T.V.L.BUSINESS GROUP – Mr. Kenneth Lee is also Chairman of TAIPEI SHIPPING AGENCY ASSOCIATION. Mr. Lee is a gentleman with long experience and great contribution in the shipping business whose kindness and proficiency in shipping-associated business has earned respect and agency business from some of the renowned carriers in the world. In addition to KMTC, currently T.V.L’s group members are also representing here in Taiwan for SUPER CHAMPION SHIPPING, MARUBA S.C.A., SINOTRANS CONTAINER LINES, SITC CONTAINER LINES CO.LTD., FUJIAN ORIENT SHIPPING CO., LTD. The performances of each agency business are brilliant and earn the praise of ship owners.

The great success of T.V.L.BUSINESS GROUP is established on the basis of professionalism, ripe experiences, good reputation, modernized and customer-oriented services, which are the source of power to “Keep Business Running Forever”.

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